Margot 2006, 163 min, PG

Margot Fonteyn was the greatest dancer of her generation. When Rudolf
Nureyev defected to the West in 1961, he and Fonteyn first performed
together in Giselle. She was 42 and he was 24, and one of the most brilliant
and magical partnerships in all of ballet history began.

Screenings: 3 – 9 Nov at 2.15pm & 17 – 23 Nov at 6.00pm daily

Leonard Cohen: Bird on a Wire 1972 – 2010, 106 min, PG

Bird on a Wire is the digitally restored re-release of Palmer’s documentary
of Leonard Cohen’s 1972 European tour. Long believed lost, it was restored
by Palmer from reels of film discovered in a Hollywood warehouse in 2009.

Screenings: 3 – 9 Nov at 6.15pm daily

Falls the Shadow… The Life and Times of
Athol Fugard 2012, 139 min, PG

This penetrating documentary, produced to mark the 80th birthday of
South African playwright Athol Fugard, explores the writer’s fascinating
past and diverse influences.

This film, set to a Hans Zimmer score, is
structured around an in-depth interview
with Fugard, and blends performances,
archives and observations from Nelson Mandela (in his last interview),
Desmond Tutu, Nadine Gordimer and FW de Klerk, as well as
Antony Sher, Janet Suzman, Yvonne Bryceland, John Kani and
Ben Kingsley. It also includes extracts from many of his plays.

Screenings: Nov 10 – 16 at 1.45pm daily

The Beatles and World War II 2016, 97 min, 10-12 PG

“All we are saying is give peace a chance” John Lennon
All This and World War II, the 1976 film of World War II footage set to
a soundtrack of Beatles music, gets a re-boot by Tony Palmer. Greatly
re-edited with archive footage, it presents a chronological portrayal of
important WW II events, and looks and sounds terrific.

Screenings: Nov 10 – 16 at 6.15pm daily

Callas 2007, 92 min, PG

Winner of the Gold Medal at the New York Film & TV Festival
No other opera singer of the past century
has aroused public interest, such adulation,
and such controversy as Maria Callas, ‘La
Divina Assoluta’.
Tony Palmer’s award winning film charts her
rapid rise to fame and offers a glimpse into
the private life of this remarkable woman.
The film includes extensive archive footage -
from Athens, Rome, Milan, New York and
London and many interviews.

Screenings: Nov 17 – 23 Nov at 1.45pm