19 Aug at 18:15 & 26 Aug at 20:30


“Raw and exhilarating.” Newsweek

“A wild ride.” Rotten Tomatoes


USA/Germany 1999, 133 mins, 16VL

Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton deliver knockout performances in this stunningly original, darkly comic film from David Fincher, the director of Seven.

Norton stars as Jack, a chronic insomniac desperate to escape his excruciatingly boring life. That’s when he meets Tyler (Pitt), a charismatic soap salesman with a twisted philosophy. Tyler believes self-improvement is for the weak – it’s self-destruction that really makes life worth living. Before long, Jack and Tyler are beating each other to a pulp in a bar parking lot, a cathartic slugfest that delivers the ultimate high.

To introduce other men to the simple joys of physical violence, Jack and Tyler form a secret Fight Club that becomes wildly successful. But there’s a shocking surprise waiting for Jack that will change everything….

“Great performances, stunning visuals and a plot like nothing you’ve ever seen – one of the films of the year.” Empire.

“Delivers a sucker punch and then pulls the rug out from under it. It is sensational. It is also grimly funny.” San Franciso Chronicle.