Sunday. April 5 at 18:15 R65


South Africa 112 Mins, 16

Grand Educational award, Cine Eco Film Festival.
Best in Show Award, Cinema Verde Festival.
Honorable Mention Award, Tasmanian Eco Film Festival.

Selected to screen at 13 film festivals, including the Wild & Scenic
Film Festival USA; Princeton International Film Fest.; Santa Cruz Film Fest;
Environmental Film Festival Spain; Greenmotions Film Fest, Germany.
South African Eco Film Festival; Sonoma International Film Festival, USA.

A look at the financial and economical paradigm
underlying our planetary problems, while offering various SOLUTIONS
to reverse the path of global decline. This award winning film connects
the dots. Showing humanity’s wisest responses to climate change,
species extinction, resource depletion, and income inequality.
This film is offering a big-picture perspective of how these issues are

Charles Eisenstein, Author, Speaker
Dr. Vandana Shiva, Environmental activist.
Dr Ian Maccallum, Psychiatrist, author.
Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economist.
Lester Brown, Prof. Agricultural Economist.
Michael Mann, Distinguished Prof. Meteorology.
Naomi Oreskes, Prof. History of Science.
Paul Gilding, Author, Sustainability Consultant.
Al Gore, Former Vice President USA.
Bernard Lietaer, Prof. International Finance
Ta’Kayia Blaney, First Nations activist and many more.

“A beautifull job, with compelling voices..BRAVO!”.
– Joanna Macy, Author, Buddhist scholar, Environmental activist.

“The only thing harder than making the changes explored in this film is
the future we will face if we don’t make them -Betsy Rosenberg,
Author Huffington Post, Veteran CBS radio anchor

“Smart, different and compelling … An educational journey about money and
the planet we should all go on” – Andy Ridley, Former Co-Founder Earth Hour.
“A catalyst for changing the world, and a must for every decision maker
in this world”. -Professor Michael Braungart. Co-founder Cradle-2-Cradle.

IN ATTENDANCE: Filmmaker, Renée Scheltema for Q & A

HOST: Extinction Rebellion, XR-Cape Town.