From the director of Hereditary

“A new cult classic.” 10/10 User Review.

Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor in an Ari Aster folk horror film


USA/SWEDEN 2019, 147 mins, 18 DHLNSV

Let the festivities begin

A young couple travel to a fabled Swedish midsummer festival where a seemingly pastoral paradise transforms into a sinister, dread-soaked nightmare, as the locals reveal their terrifying agenda.

“Will do for Swedish pagan rituals what Psycho did for showers.” Indiewire.

“There’s nothing like it at the movies.” Wall Street Journal.

“Ambitious, impressively crafted, and above all unsettling, Midsommar further proves that Ari Aster is a horror auteur to be reckoned with.” 83% Approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Traumatic, surreal, bizarre masterpiece.” 10/10 User Review.